15 Tips for Planning Your Wedding during a Pandemic

Unfortunately, many couples had to cancel or reschedule their wedding due to you know what and it has caused some chaos and heartbreak for not only the newly-weds-to-be, but the whole wedding industry took a punch. If you were supposed to be married by now or you are going to tie the knot later somewhere in this year, I am really crossing my fingers for y’all and hope that you can still have your wedding day the way you planned it to be.

I understand that A LOT of hours and detail go into planning your perfect day and it is not always very wallet-friendly, but that’s why these next few tips could help you save some $$$ and still give you your fairytale. Also, I truly think this is a good time to start with your planning if your newly engaged, which takes us to tip #1 –

Tip #1: Start planning early:

Just because you’ll say “I do” only 10 months or more from now, does not mean that the planning should be put off until there’s only 6 or less months left! The earlier you start, the better. This will make the whole process much less stressful for you and give you enough time to really ensure everything’s in place. And just like I’ve mentioned above, use this time while your in isolation to start – you can tick off the things that does not require you to go out and about.

Tip #2: Lists are your new best friend –

This is 100% going to make your wedding planning process SO much easier! It is a no-brainer as to why making lists of everything will save you time and stress. Having everything written down will not only help you get your thoughts and ideas down on paper so they won’t go missing, but seeing it in front of you will also help you start getting a clearer image of what you want and what you have to do to get there. Oh, and there’s nothing more satisfying than checking things off a list as you go!

Check out this FREE downloadable wedding checklist!

Tip #3: Set your budget and stick to it –

Let’s be real, this whole pandemic has caused many people to have to dubble-check their finances and count every penny. Now is really not the best time to spend big bucks and you’re probably wondering how are you going to plan your wedding with a small budget – it is definitely possible though!

If you know you can’t afford even a small wedding, then I’d suggest you be patient and start saving, but if you are in the position to do it (but still want to be cautious of how much you’re spending), then set yourself a budget. It’s easier to set a realistic budget after you’ve compiled all your lists, done some research, ask for quotes, look at alternatives, etc.

Tip #4: Do it yourself to save yourself –

Creating your own decorations, invitations, photo booth, etc. and just simply planning the wedding all on your own will save you tons of money. I know it is a whole lot of work, but if you want to get married on a small budget, then you have to be willing to put in the work. And, you don’t have to do it all by yourself, ask your family and friends to help you out (maybe not while your social-distancing).

Remember that the planning is all part of the journey and sharing it with loved ones makes it all the more special. Plus, you really don’t have to be super creative or handy to DIY stuff, that is why Pinterest and YouTube is there to help you out with ideas, inspo and tutorials!

Check out this website for easy & inexpensive DIY wedding decor ideas –

Tip #5: Choose the right venue –

The venue could be where you’ll spend most of your money, but make sure you choose a venue that also offer in-house catering-services as they sometimes have different packages to choose from, which will save you tons of time and possibly some money too. Also be sure to book your venue fast and early; especially now in this time where most people are planning to get married next year.

Tip #6: Make sure to feed your guests –

Since you’ll start planning your wedding early (hopefully), you’ll have tons of time to do proper searching and planning of your menu. Try and involve your guests more and make it fun for them by creating an online quiz, poll or survey for them to fill in so you can gather everyone’s food/menu preferences to ensure you have the best menu possible. The most important thing is just make sure your guests have enough food to eat. Hungry guests is not a good thing and good (or bad) food is always one of the first things people will remember.

Tip #7: Speaking of the guests –

As mentioned above, your venue + catering-services will most likely be your biggest expense/s, therefore try to keep your guest list as small as possible so you won’t require that much venue space or catering coverage. I know it’s difficult and you don’t want to hurt people’s feelings, but simply don’t invite people who you don’t really know that well. If you’re on a tight budget, stick to close family and friends for an intimate wedding or to make costs even less, consider eloping.

Tip #8: Ask for their talent as wedding gifts –

If you have a family member or friend you were planning on inviting, and you know they have musical talent or an eye for photography, why not ask them if they would be willing to give their talent at your wedding as a wedding gift? This way you could save some serious cash and still have them there with you.

Tip #9: Turn your home into a picturesque venue –

If you really want to save money, consider having your wedding at your home/outdoors or even at a family member or friend’s home that you know will be more than happy to accommodate you. I know we all dream of these dreamy or exotic venues, but hey, sometimes you have to make the best of what you’ve got and you’ll be surprised at what could come out of it.

Tip #10: Book professional vendors –

Okay I know when you read the word “professional” you immediately think, “oooff that sounds expensive” and yes in most cases that is true, and they’re more expensive for good reason, BUT it won’t hurt to just ask. Many professional wedding vendors offer custom packages, specifically for couples with a small budget.

Investing in professional vendors will for sure be worth your money and I personally think investing in a skilled, professional wedding photographer will be the best decision you make, because your photos are what you will have left of this special day and will be captured memories for you to hold forever. ALSO, very important, do not wait too long to book vendors as they book out just as quick as a venue does – right now is a good time to finalize!

Tip #11: Less is more –

Less really is more. I know that Pinterest has sooo many stunning wedding ideas for decorations, flowers, etc., and you really want to incorporate them all, but try to stick to one theme that is quite simple. Simplicity is chic, elegant, sophisticated and timeless and often times a bit lighter on the budget too. Also pick a theme or colour palette where you can easily use DIY projects!

Tip #12: Wedding dress hunting

Right now might not be the most ideal and safe time to go wedding dress shopping, but that does not mean you can’t do any planning for it, you should actually start with it as soon as you can. First off, know what exactly you are looking for and then search wedding dress shops in your area and ask for a catalogue to go through (if they allow it). If you are planning on having your dress custom made, then start communicating your idea with your chosen designer. Once you can actually start going for appointments, your designer or wedding dress consultant will already know your ideas and they could start almost immediately.

Tip #13: Thoughtful groomsmen & bridesmaids gifts –

Of course you’d love to do something special for when you ask your groomsmen and bridesmaids to be part of the wedding squad, and also on the actual wedding day, but your budget and certain events won’t just allow it. Well, that is not entirely true, I believe there is always a solution to any problem.

My friends Pinterest and YouTube come in handy again – they are full of inexpensive ideas to give as gifts. I personally would make each person a beautiful handmade card and add a small item that reminds me of them. You can easily mail it to them to be delivered at their doorstep and video call them to make it feel even more personal – the solutions are endless!

You can find some ideas here

Tip #14: Do not forget about your honeymoon –

Many people assume that going on a honeymoon is very expensive, and yes it could be, but you could still plan an unforgettable experience on a budget. Contact your local travel consultant agency (most reliable) or surf the web to search for honeymoon packages available – there are some pretty good deals out there! Or, to make it even more budget-friendly, why not opt for a fun road trip to places in your country you haven’t visited before. I know that travel plans are a no-go right now, but you can still check to finalize honeymoon plans & bookings.

Tip #15: Savour every moment –

This one does not have to be determined by your budget or a pandemic, as it is priceless. The whole planning process of your wedding day is a whole journey in itself and should be cherished and enjoyed. There is so much you can learn from it and it won’t always be easy, but at the end of the day, when your wedding day has come to an end, you want to look back onto it and remember everything that led up to such an unforgettable, special time in your life.

Are you currently planning your wedding or just dreaming of your wedding like I am? Let me know in the comments –

Thank you for reading!


Jacolene x

(just a FYI – I am no wedding planner, nor am I close to getting married lol, I just really enjoy wedding topics since I work in the industry myself as a photographer and makeup artist)

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