A Simple Guide to Choosing the Perfect Foundation for Your Skin Type

For some, this might be a daunting thing to do, I get it, you’re afraid you might end up looking like a ghost or a dried up orange! But it really does not have to be that complicated. As a qualified makeup artist and a fellow woman, I feel it is my duty to help those who stand in the makeup aisle for an hour, trying to decide between all the different foundation products.

First up, what could be the reason why you feel so overwhelmed by this?

  • there are tons and tons of different foundation products with different formulas, functions, etc. on the market
  • you don’t know your skin type so you don’t know what foundation would work for your skin
  • you struggle to find the right shade, because you don’t know your undertones
  • you are new to this whole makeup wearing business

I believe that a good makeup application starts with good skin and also using the right products for your skin, so how do you know what skin type you have?

Well, I’d advise you to visit a qualified dermatologist, but if you’re on a budget, you can take this quiz by Teen Vogue or this one (no sign-ups required!) OR you can just read my quick and simple guide below and what foundations compliment them the best

  • Oily skin:
    • skin produces excess oil/sebum and feels greasy all over when you touch it
    • shinier than usual
    • enlarged pores
    • prone to acne, blackheads & whiteheads
  • Dry skin:
    • skin does not produce enough oil/sebum therefore resulting in skin being very dry and patchy
    • looks dull and feels very tight
    • prone to sensitivity, because of the lack of a protective oil-layer (yes, sometimes the oil is good for you)
    • skin is flaky and drinks up moisturizer like there is no tomorrow
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  • Normal skin:
    • skin is well-balanced; not too much or too less oil/sebum
    • rarely has any impurities
    • even skin tone
    • healthy, radiant glow
    • does not react weirdly to new products
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  • Combination skin:
    • this happens when two of the biggest skin issues meet and create more chaos
    • typically, your T-zone area (forehead, nose & chin) is overly oily and your cheeks are overly dry
    • enlarged pores in T-zone
    • prone to acne, blackheads & whiteheads
    • skin is indecisive and can’t decide if it wants more moisturizer or less…
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  • Sensitive skin:
    • your skin is VERY picky about what products they allow
    • skin does not do well with overly fragranced products with harmful ingredients
    • gets easily irritated and aggravated
    • prone to redness

There you have it! I hope my simple guide to choosing the perfect foundation for your skin type has helped you out. There is actually so much more info I can give on everything foundation – maybe I’ll do an in-depth ebook about it someday!

Let me know down below what your skin type is and what foundation works for you – I’d love to hear them! (Also, any other questions regarding this topic is welcome)

Thank you for reading!

Jacolene x

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