5 Sustainable Clothing Brands You Have to Check Out

Hopefully by now you are aware of how the fashion industry has a really bad impact on our environment, it is actually the second largest polluter on the planet, which is beyond shocking.

Now, I am not going to go into detail about why and how it has an impact, because that is a whole lengthy article in itself, so you can read about that all right here, but I will be sharing with you five clothing brands who are helping our mama earth.

PAPER London

This clothing brand has teamed up with Project Bio Diversity which is an environmental organization that protects wildlife on the Island of Sal, Cape Verde.

HOW PAPER London is helping: They have pledged to donate part of their proceeds from their Coconut Swimsuit collection to this wonderful organization so they can keep operating + each piece is made from sustainable material from recycled fishing nets.

Lara Intimates

Also based in London, Lara Intimates is an all-female lingerie store that takes sustainability very seriously.

HOW Lara Intimates is helping: First up, they offer a wide size range of sustainable bras, which is great, because everyone’s ta-tas are unique! Pieces are made out of reclaimed fabrics which they source from local, eco-friendly suppliers; they have a zero-waste policy which means that unused fabrics are re-purposed and they use deadstock fabric.

Know The Origin

If you’re looking for a store that not only produces their own eco-friendly brand, but also stocks other sustainable brands, then Know The Origin is the place to go.

HOW Know The Origin is helping: Pieces are made of organic sustainable materials and they support other environment-loving clothing brands! ALSO, they stock other sustainable products like reusable face wipes and even candles! Talk about ticking all of the boxes.

Thought Clothing

This brand sure does put a lot of thought into the designs, production and message of their products and overall brand. They are fully committed to being sustainable in all ways possible.

HOW Thought Clothing is helping: Every piece is carefully manufactured with natural and sustainable materials; they educate their community on why sustainability is important and also strive to give back to them.

Girlfriend Collective

This one is for all of the fitness junkies who want to contribute in saving the world. At Girlfriend Collective you can find sports bras, leggings, shorts, windbreakers and even scrunchies, and the best of all, these clothing pieces has each been sourced and made out of recycled materials.

HOW Girlfriend Collective is helping: Products are made out of recycled materials – each compressive legging set is made from 25 recycled post-consumer plastic bottles. You go girlfriend!

Of course there are tons more sustainable and eco-friendly clothing brands on the market and I suggest you go do some research if you too want to make a change in the fashion industry’s disastrous environmental impact.

I know that unfortunately a lot of damage has already been done to our planet and environment, but rather late than never, right? (hopefully it’s not too late) Remember, every small change matters and has a tremendous effect.

What other sustainable clothing brands do you love? Tell me in the comments down below!

Thank you for reading,

Jacolene x

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