20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together

Do you feel unmotivated and struggle to get your life together? Or, maybe you do have yourself together, but sometimes struggle to maintain the healthy habits that you’ve developed? Trust me, it would be a total lie if I told you right now that I have no clue what you’re talking about. Developing healthy habits to improve your life and eventually feel like you have your life in order, sure is a difficult task to do, but it’s all worth it in the end! Whether you are a teenager, in college, or a busy mom, we all need healthy habits to do every day to improve our overall quality of life.

I have struggled with feeling unmotivated to literally do anything and still have days where I just want to crawl up in my cozy bed with snacks and shamelessly watch Riverdale. With this whole stuck at home for almost the entire first-half of 2020 thing, there’s no doubt that you might have lost track of your productive life. Or maybe you have been on top of it all. But, if you’ve been finding it difficult to be motivated and get your life on track, these 20 healthy habits will encourage you and turn your life around!

With things slowly starting to go back to the (new) normal, this is a great time to start:

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together

1. Get a cute planner to write down and track your new healthy habits –

Maybe you already have one, but its been laying somewhere getting all dusty – go look for it now and grab a pen! Having a dedicated place to write down important tasks you have to get done, your morning routine, a grocery list, your finances, etc. will be of much help to you. After you’ve written it down, you can just refer back to it throughout the day instead of it getting lost somewhere in your crowded brain. Also, when you have a pretty planner, you’re more likely to use it and stick to it!

Check out this website for the cutest planners and stationary ever!

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Get A Cute Planner! Photo by Marten Bjork via Unsplash

2. Prioritize your daily tasks –

After you’ve dusted off your planner or purchased a spanking new one, it’s time to start planning your day. I always make sure to complete the most important tasks I have to do for that day, first. Most of the time, we have more energy and focus earlier in the day, therefore we are more motivated and it will be easier for us to complete heftier tasks. Prioritizing daily tasks will give more flow to your day too!

QUICK LITTLE TIP: Plan out your day’s schedule the night before!

3. Declutter your life –

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Declutter Your Life! Photo by Sarah Brown via Unsplash

A clean organized space, whether that be in your house, your mind, or your relationships, always leads to a simpler put-together life. People mostly think that decluttering means cleaning your house and throw out unnecessary things, and yes that is part of it, but did you know you can also declutter your brain, your emails, your phone, and even your relationships? There are SO many ways to declutter for a healthier, happier life.

I know that decluttering your physical space is an easy one, but what about your mind? Read this post on “Ten Ways to Declutter Your Mind and Free Up Mental Space”.

4. Set goals –

Setting goals is a fantastic way to get your life on track. WRITE THEM DOWN. And why not go a little further and develop a strategy on how you’re going to ace those goals! I don’t know about you, but when I have set myself a goal and I achieve it, I feel on top of the world, even if it’s the tiniest goal. And guess what? Achieving them will only make you more motivated to keep on slaying your goals!

Set yourself yearly goals (usually big ones that you work on throughout the year), monthly goals, weekly goals, and even daily goals. VERY IMPORTANT: Set a reminder to check in with your goals regularly and see if you’re still on the right track.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Set Goals! Photo by Content Pixie via Unsplash

5. Do meal prepping to save time and for healthier eating habits –

At first, this could seem like a tedious and time-consuming task. While it could take up some time in one of your days, it can ultimately save you tons of time for the next few days after. There are many benefits to meal prepping, such as saving you money, contributing to an overall healthier diet, controls weight, and reduces stress as you don’t have to worry about what to eat after you’ve had a very busy and late day.

I am a food-eating expert, but not a food-prepping expert, so go have a read on this post about how to meal prep like a pro!

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Do Meal Prepping! Photo by Ella Olsson via Unsplash

6. Get your body moving with exercise –

Exercising regularly is another fantastic method of motivation and getting your life in place. But now you may think, “How am I gonna do this? I ain’t even motivated to start working out?!”. Okay, I feel you. I do like to work out but always find it unnecessarily difficult to start. I asked myself what could be the reason why I don’t have any motivation to workout and then quickly realized I wasn’t doing exercises that I liked or that I was benefiting from.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Do Exercise! Photo by Kelly Sikkema via Unsplash

If you’re a beginner, start at a beginner level! Don’t start with the most difficult workout, this will most likely just result in you quitting a few days later because you aren’t building a solid foundation from the beginning.

7. Let go of toxic people and things –

Do you remember how I mentioned earlier that you can declutter your home, mind, and even relationships? Decluttering relationships to me means letting go of the toxic people in your life. No matter at what stage your relationship may be, toxic people drain every ounce of happiness and self-confidence from you. And I know this because I used to be in a toxic relationship and had a few toxic friends too. Thankfully, I saw the light and started to cut ties with these people. It will be one of the most freeing feelings ever and you will instantly feel like you can conquer anything.

If you want to learn more about how to identify a toxic person and how to deal with them, read this helpful article.


8. Learn to say no –

We often find ourselves in unpleasant situations that could have been avoided if you just said no. You have the right to say no to things that do not serve you or that you simply don’t have interest in. And if any person, including your “friends”, cannot respect your decision, then that simply means they are not your people.

This can also mean that you must learn to say no if your plate is already overloaded. If you know that you have too much going on, do not feel bad for saying no. Remember, you can be a good person with a kind heart and still say no.

9. Listen to inspirational podcasts or YouTube videos –

One thing that you should realize quickly is that you are not alone. You are not the only person that is in a rut and unmotivated. That already should make you feel tons better. Countless inspirational videos, podcasts, and books in the world are so easily accessible for you to use. On days where I feel a bit discouraged, I like to go on YouTube and simply search for motivational videos to listen to.

I can assure you that 90% of the people on the other side of the microphone or pen is someone who has gone through the same unmotivated feelings that you may have.

10. Schedule “me-time” or self-care –

I feel it is very important that we take care of and make time for ourselves. There are many forms of self-care such as doing a face mask, reading your favorite book, listening to music, going for a drive, journaling, or just simply taking time alone for yourself. If you want more ideas on creative and wholesome ways of self-care, go ahead and read this post.

Taking time for yourself is a way to relieve yourself from overwhelming feelings and situations in your life. If you don’t prioritize yourself, you will lose motivation and slowly start losing pieces of yourself too. Many could argue that self-care is vain and indulgent, but I think it depends on what you define as self-care.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Practice Self-Care! Photo by Jared Rice via Unsplash

I for one classify self-care as a time to recharge and regain motivation through doing activities that stimulate your mental and spiritual well-being. I also believe that if you are at an all-time low from lack of checking in with yourself, you will be more vulnerable to making bad decisions.

11. Make use of automation apps –

I am so thankful for the technical wizards for inventing automation apps. This has made my work life so much easier. Being a makeup artist, photographer, and blogger, I am constantly creating new content for my social platforms and if you are in the same biz, you know how time-consuming content creation can be. Luckily, automation apps like Buffer, Tailwind, Workflow, and countless other amazing apps have come to our rescue.

I personally use Buffer and Facebook Page Manager and am still trying to figure out Tailwind… But if you have tons of content and you feel overwhelmed with getting everything out on time, make use of these automation and scheduling apps, it will help you a ton!

12. Make your bed –

This may seem like a very simple thing, but it leads to significant motivation and meaning throughout the rest of your day. You will start the day off right with completing your first task which will motivate you to continue to the next task. Also, an organized space leads to better productivity and helps to keep the rest of your room organized.


13. Take a break from the (social) media –

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Take Social Media Breaks! Photo by Freestocks via Unsplash

Just as much as social media is a place where people share happiness, their work, and communicate with loved ones, it is just as much a place where A LOT of hate and negativity breeds and lives. I truly believe that the media is the catalyst for many problems in the world today, but we are not going into detail with that.

Unfortunately, the negativity of the media, in general, can have a tremendous effect on your mental, emotional, and even physical health. Taking breaks from social media can only bring positive and productive change into your life and is an important boundary you need to learn to set for yourself. How do you know when it’s time to take a break? Go ahead and read this article on 6 Signs You May Need To Take A Break From Social Media.

14. Accept and let go of what you can’t control –

It is much easier said than done, I know, but sometimes we just really have to let go of the things that are completely out of our control. Holding on to it only increases your anxiety and stress levels, eventually causing you to feel discouraged because you can’t seem to find a solution to the problem. One thing you do have control over though is deciding how you choose to react towards it and your attitude about the situation.

A little tip to help you identify whether you can change it or not, write down the situation, and then ask yourself is it something within your control and if yes, then find a solution, but if no, then accept it and choose to have a good attitude about it. Write it all down and when you find yourself a little lost again, refer back to what you wrote.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together

15. Keep track of your finances –

It’s not always sunshine and rainbows when you’re an adult, especially when it comes to financial stuff. Not everyone likes to deal with numbers and weird formulas, but keeping track of your finances will help you clearly see what your monthly income and expenses are and if you need to make any adjustments. You will feel in control of what is going on in your bank, even if it may not always be so exciting, at least you’ll feel less unorganized.

16. Learn a new skill –

Developing your skills in something that you already have knowledge of is always a good idea, but what about learning some new skills? Learning a new skill will boost your productivity and confidence levels, making you feel encouraged. Challenging ourselves with something new enhances our knowledge, mental clarity and emotional well-being. When you push yourself to learn something new, you will feel more accomplished in life.

Do you want to learn a new skill but not sure where to start? Well, this post on fun skills to learn will be of big help to you!

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Learn A New Skill! Photo by Victoria Bilsborough via Unsplash

17. Take it one step at a time –

We live in a very fast-paced world, where everyone is hustling like crazy and just pushing forward. And yes, while I think it’s good to keep moving forward, one should do it at a realistic and healthy pace. Maybe you have 10 dollars in your bank account and want to be a millionaire by tomorrow, and it’s very much possible and will happen in due time when you keep staying consistent with your pace. But taking big jumps throughout your journey will not give you a solid foundation. There will be pieces missing. You have to build on that foundation and make sure it’s steady.

And while I know you may feel like that the rest of the world is going way faster than you and achieving more, do not compare your life with others. It’s easy to get stuck and feel like nothing is happening, but in times like that, try to remember this quote:

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – We Tend To Forget That Baby Steps Still Move Us Forward Quote

18. Practice gratitude –

Always, ALWAYS be grateful for the things in your life, no matter how bad your life may seem at the moment, there is always something to be grateful for. The fact that you’re able to read this sentence is already something to be grateful for. Remember that it is not always the big things.

Practicing gratitude will help you notice the blessings in your life and improves your overall mood. Every day, write down 3 things in your journal that you are grateful for and when you feel discouraged, read what you wrote down, you will quickly be brought back down to earth.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Practice Gratitude! Photo by Gabrielle Henderson via Unsplash

19. Ask for help when you feel like you are drowning –

I can guarantee you that there are so many other people going through the exact same feelings of discouragement and defeat you’re experiencing right this second. And many of them are keeping quiet about their situation. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO SUFFER IN SILENCE. I understand that sometimes it’s difficult to reach out to someone because you’re afraid they won’t understand or maybe judge you, but if you want to save yourself, you have to put those feelings of fear aside and ask for help.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Ask For Help! Photo by Youssef Naddam via Unsplash

Or maybe you just don’t like other people telling you what to do, right? Or you have too much pride to ask someone to help you with a task that you’re not equipped to do? Whatever the reason may be, reaching out for help from others is nothing to be ashamed of and is a healthy habit you need to develop to improve your life.

20. Reflecting –

Reflecting on our lives is a process of exploring oneself and acknowledging how experiences have made us feel, how it changed you, how you acted, etc. It helps us to gain insight into our life in general (or a specific area of your life) and how to move forward from there. This is where you connect with your inner-self and discover.

Doing this will also help you spot areas in your life that may need some more work, which results in feelings of motivation and determination because you have DIRECTION.

20 Healthy Habits to Finally Get Your Life Together – Reflect! Photo by Irina Iriser via Unsplash

If you’ve made it this far, congratulations! That is one step forward to becoming your best self through these 20 healthy habits to finally get your life together.

This will be a difficult challenge, and some days may be harder than others, but always remember why you started in the first place. Why do you want a better life for yourself? Love yourself enough to know that you DO deserve better and that the change starts with YOU. Only you can make that decision for yourself.

I trust that you will self-reflect on your newly-developed healthy habits for a simpler, productive, and wholesome life. Thank you for reading and good luck on your journey – you got this!


Jacolene x

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